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Support Foundation’s flagship campaign includes informal education, health programs for mentally and physically challenged children and adults. There are special classes available for free for children and adults without a means to finance a decent education.


The most neglected group is the one with special needs who do not have access to various livelihood programs. A person with special needs who lives in poverty has a minimum opportunity to train for a livelihood in our society.


Support foundation has taken the initiative to spread knowledge and awareness on mental health. We have always seen mental health as a taboo topic in our Indian culture. Many people are reluctant to discuss and talk about mental health issues in public, they hide their own negative emotions and mental struggles from their own family members.


During the Covid 19 pandemic, people from the corporate world have faced various psychological and psychiatric issues. Spending 8-10 hours on screens at home,  lack of social life, online meetings, emails, targets, etc. have made corporate life an upsetting experience. Due to workload people have neglected their mental health.


Will you change a child's life today?

Providing a child with sponsorship means sharing responsibilities as a responsible citizen of the community, ensuring that they have access to education and health care, as well as a decent life. By sponsoring a child you will pay for their education, therapies and vocational training. Only Rs. 1000 ($14) per month can bring change in the life of these children with special needs. We are looking for sponsors for our children with special needs.


Share your time, share your love for community?

Do you ever wish you could share your talent, time and skills with those less privileged than you?
Support Foundation offers individual and corporate unique volunteering opportunities so they can be a part of that change. Your efforts can transform other's life. We all know time is a precious thing so please give us your most precious thing(your time).