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Support Foundation is a non-profit charitable trust (NGO), founded by Dr Shanu Srivastava & Dr Kapil Singh along with other professionals from other diverse fields.

The journey of support foundation started in year 2011 with an aim to uplift the community of specially challenged citizens. Support Foundation’s Outreach Program has helped various under privileged children and adults with special curriculum according to their needs and capabilities with special education, healthcare facilities, advocacy for their rights, provide them vocational training and opportunities.

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Support Foundation’s flagship campaign includes informal education, health programs for mentally and physically challenged children and adults. There are special classes available for free for children and adults without a means to finance a decent education.


The most neglected group is the one with special needs who do not have access to various livelihood programs. A person with special needs who lives in poverty has a minimum opportunity to train for a livelihood in our society.


Support foundation has taken the initiative to spread knowledge and awareness on mental health. We have always seen mental health as a taboo topic in our Indian culture. Many people are reluctant to discuss and talk about mental health issues in public, they hide their own negative emotions and mental struggles from their own family members.


During the Covid 19 pandemic, people from the corporate world have faced various psychological and psychiatric issues. Spending 8-10 hours on screens at home,  lack of social life, online meetings, emails, targets, etc. have made corporate life an upsetting experience. Due to workload people have neglected their mental health.

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Our Achievements

“Best livelihood program for PWD’s” by the ministry of social justice presented by Sri Kishan pal gurjar (MOS) at Ekam Fest 2020

“Distinguished Service Award” by Rotary club of Delhi Midtown in year 2018

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Frame 13 (6)

Shabnam is now able to recognize thigs around her . she is now able to differentiate like what is good or what is bad . she is now independent enough to wash her own cloths recognize people .

Mrs. Praveen (Shabnam's mother)

(Shabnam has moderate mental retardation )

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Runa has enrolled at support foundation centre in 2013, earlier she was not able to speak or do her work. At support foundation she learned how to speak & also able to do her own work independently.

Runa's family

(Runa is 15 years old having down syndrome)

Frame 13 (4)

Suraj has been a part of support foundation for past 8 years . there has been a lot of improvements noticed in him after enrolling . he has gotten great opportunities which has improved his life .

Mrs. Santosh (Suraj's Mother)

( suraj has mild mental retardation)

Frame 13 (7)

Sujud has been a part of support foundation for the past 7 years. he had hearing problems and because of that he was not able to hear as well as not able to speak. because of the initiatives taken by support foundation now sujud is almost able to hear and speak all the words

Mr. Zakir (Sujud's Father)

( sujud has hearing problems )

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Internship Programme

The Support Foundation works for a cause and tries to improve people’s lives. The work is done with selflessness. It can be a great experience for a young student to volunteer for an NGO and see things in a different light. The students are able to see how small things can make a huge difference. The fact that their efforts are making a difference in the lives of so many makes them feel good about themselves. It is the youth who build nations. Young people who want to make a difference in the lives of millions can very well do so by bringing about a change in society. Thus, if a student enrols in the NGO internship before starting his/her career as a professional, he/she will have an understanding of what is important and what is not. Upon entering the workforce as experienced professionals, their internship experience will serve as a reminder to always work for others’ betterment. Regardless of what profession they choose, they will aim to improve the lives of people and work towards the development of the country.

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